Why Piano Lessons?
Research shows that the musical part of the brain is alive and affected from the moment of birth until death. Every child or adult can develop their musical studies and piano is the basic instrument used for everything in the musical world. Activating this part of the brain and studying music has also shown significant increases in children’s concentration abilities, testing scores, reading levels, and math skills. Musical study is truly an amazing skill to have! Playing the piano requires devotion and commitment from both the parents and students. With lessons, practice, and dedicated study, students will cultivate their musical skills and talents, enjoy performing at recitals and other occasions, and discover a deeper appreciation for music.

Why Hawker Piano Studios?
Here at Hawker Piano Studios, we believe that piano should be fun. Music lessons should motivate students to WANT to play music! We encourage students of all ages to study piano. While classical music is definitely beautiful and wonderful, we love jazz and popular music as well. In fact we have one popular music recital each year with a drummer and a guitarist who come to jam with the students! Teaching piano is my passion and I work hard to help each child develop a love of music. As educated piano teachers, we’ve spent years studying how to teach and inspire students. A good teacher can set foundations that will benefit a student for their entire life! Untrained teachers can cause years of tension and technique problems in students that could have been avoided. Give your child the gift of music by taking from a professional piano teacher!

Pre-Reading Private or Partner Lessons
Children as young as four can begin piano with a pre-reading approach. Some work best alone, others in pairs so contact us today for more information. While we definitely learn to play the piano, each lesson also includes plenty of singing and dancing!

Private Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Lessons
For students ages six to eighteen, lessons are offered at all levels from beginning students to advanced pre-college level. Performance classes, group classes, and recitals are offered each semester. Lessons are well-rounded covering composition, improvisation, repertoire, sight reading, theory, technique, and ear training. Contact us to schedule your first lesson! Ask us for more information on Texas Music Teachers Association Theory Exams or the Achievement Program from Carnegie Hall and the Royal Conservatory.

Private Adult Lessons
Whether you’ve taken before or it’s been a lifelong dream to try the piano, we love to teach adults of all ages. Adults are encouraged to come at their own comfort level so no performance is required. To easily fit into your schedule, we offer lesson times throughout the day as well as the evening. Contact us today for more information.

Summer Camps
Each summer we offer at least one summer camp for students to delve deeper into the world of piano music. The past two years we’ve held our annual camp at TCU in conjunction with the TCU PLP program and Parker Piano Studios. The focus has been ensemble music and students performed duets as well as trios! Let us know if you have any other ideas for summer camps – we’re already planning ahead for 2014 so we hope you’ll join us!